Monday, 7 November 2011

My teeny tiny beautie salon....♡

So like I said, I'm a beautician and I work from home in London (borderline Essex!), so I thought I'd show you guys my teeny little salon, where I work and what I do ♡

I totally LOVE green, its my favourite colour, closely followed by purple! So I painted my room both colours to satisfy! Theres my little beauty couch, all purple accessories to tie in the theme! I love my mirror on the wall too, its a shiny black frame with a glitter sparkle middle the whole way round, gorgeous. Also adore the buddha head, wanted to instill some peaceful vibes!

Heres the nail area, I do LOTS of BioSulpture Gel nails, I absolutely love, love, love this nail system. Its a gel overlay system that goes onto of your natural nail bed, no buffing required. Comes in an array of gorgeous colours and does no damage whatsoever. Absolute fav ♡

So thought i'd just let you see my cute little salon! Will defo be doing a blog on the bios soon, i'll show you the colours I have too. Would love to do one on the Individual Eye Lash Extensions I do too, the semi permanent ones, an absolute must have treatment around Essex. Soon, soon!

Peaches ♡ xx


  1. I love your salon! You make everyone feel soo welcome too. It's very relaxing and a really nice place to go too. Very Proud of my peach =) xx

  2. this is gorgeous! i adore the colours! xxx

  3. Ah thanks very much Lucie! :-) xxx