Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Yoga nutter....?

I've always been a very stressy, anxious individual, worrying about insignificant things, things I can't help, predict and even things I have zero control over. It is very waring at times, so I've been looking into things than can help to reduce this anxiety and a recurrant theme that came up, was yoga.
So, I'm trying a bit of a yoga challange so to speak. I've got my own mat (yay! In green obviously, the most calming colour in the world) and i've purchased some DVD 's to help me along my way at home. I also attend a few classes at the gym whenever I can. I guess i'm really excited to see what benefits I can gain from yoga, and would love to hear other people's experiences. I'll update further along the line.......

Peach xxx

Nail Art!

I've been ordering like mad on eBay recently, seeing what nail goodies I could find! So i've created this nail wheel with mainly stick on accessories! There are so many possibilites of what you can have or create and they are so simple to make.

Here is the entire wheel.......

Then here is the wheel broken down into three's to get a closer look!

Hope you liked! The next wheel is going to be hand drawn creations.....wish me luck! :)

Peach <3 xxx

Thursday, 8 November 2012

So i've been away for ages!

So basically.....I didn't do very well with my blog at all! But.....I am BACK! And I will be blogging a hell of a lot more, with loads more nail stuff to come, its all very exciting! I've stepped it up a gear with the nail designs and creations and i'm looking forward to sharing it all with you! New pics will be coming VERY soon! xx