Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Eylure Naturalites....♡

I absolutely adore this range of eyelashes, they are amazingly easy to apply, the glue is brilliant and they always seem to just look good on my eyes! I used to always wear really heavy eyelash strips, but now I'm realising Natural is the way forward for me....! So I took some pictures of my two favourite types they do and also a before picture with all my hair scraped back so you can see properly! Enjoy.... ♡

Before (Small little lashes *sob*)

Naturalites 116 - Lengthening Lashes - Adore these, so natural, would wear them all the time!

Naturalites 120 - Evening Wear - Little bit thicker, slightly firmer with a thicker base. Love these for the night time as I don't like wear big heavy ones too much as they feel like they make my eyes look smaller! Not good! Love taking Make Up pics with all different types of fashion lashes though!

Naturalites 120 - Evening Wear (Different Angle!) - Should've smiled in the pic, but hey ho, the lashes are pretty!

Peaches ♡ xxx


  1. Thanks Zoe, love Eylure, best eyelashes!! :-) xxx

  2. they all look gorgeous and how flawless is your skin!! xx

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  3. Thanks babe! I'll add ya on twitter! And my skin is all down to MAC! :-) xxx